We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of labels and stickers for application in various areas and are particularly designed to fetch the specific needs of our clients. We offer these labels and stickers as per the national and international standards that are prevailing in this industry. We offer the following products. 

Chromo Labels

Customised Labels

Pre-printed Labels

Synthetic Labels

Thermal Paper Rolls


Direct Thermal Labels


Silver & White Polyester Labels


Tamper Proof Labels


Warranty/Void Labels

Poyimide Label / Kapton Label



Label & Tag supplies

Identics is one of the largest self-adhesive (pressure sensitive) label & ribbon converters in India offering a wide range of stock & custom supplies from general purpose to speciality labels & tag products in flexible sizes & materials, with quick delivery times.

  • Over 100 stock sizes (die-cut labels & tags)
  • More than 25 label materials (paper & film)
  • Flexo printing (custom) & high speed conversion (rotary)
  • Labels in roll, fan-fold or sheet form

Labels for Manufacturing

Need tough labels that can withstand a variety of environments? We have the ability to use a wide range of materials to provide the perfect solution to meet any manufacturer’s demands.


  • Product ID labels
  • Item & case labels
  • Compliance labels
  • Security labels
  • Fabric labels

Recommended Label products:

Thermal Transfer labels, Polyester labels, UL certified labels, Drum labels

Labels for Distribution & Logistics

Modern day distribution & logistics has become complex and the need to be efficient is now more important than ever. Boost efficiency and productivity with a variety of solutions for companies that need to move and distribute goods.


  • Shipping labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Routing labels
  • Postal labels
  • Rack labels

Recommended Label products:

Thermal transfer labels, Direct thermal labels, Piggyback labels, Fluorescent labels

Labels for Retailing

Whether you need a simple tag or an all-in-one label, our in depth experience and knowledge means we can provide the ideal solution even for the most demanding of the retailers.


  • Price labels
  • Brand Tags
  • Shelf edge labels
  • Scale (catch weigh) labels
  • Fresh produce labels

Recommended Label products:

Thermal transfer labels, Direct thermal labels, Paperboard (Tag), Removable labels

Labels for Security

You can't count on product forgery to decrease. But you can count on security labeling to combat tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft and fraud with the advanced technology necessary to authenticate.


  • Asset ID labels
  • Sealing labels
  • Warranty labels
  • Hologram labels

Recommended Label products:

Tamper evident labels, Destructible labels, VOID labels

Labels for Healthcare

Patient wristbands provide positive patient identification & help save lives and money through reduction of medical errors.


  • Patient ID wristbands
  • Mother Infant bands
  • Admission labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Pharmacy labels 

Recommended Label products:

Thermal label band , Mother/ infant band, Tyvek wristband